Wedding Blog #1

Introduction to Half Brothers Media and Wedding Films


Since this is my first blog, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Tommy, and my brother Jeremy and I are Half Brothers Media. We started shooting weddings together in December of 2017 and we are creeping up on the triple digits of couples we have had the privilege and honor of capturing their celebration of love and creating a wedding film for them.

As our business grows and we gain more experience I thought that it would be pertinent and potentially helpful to start a blog about Wedding photography and Videography. I hope to pull the veil back on the wedding industry and provide informative, insightful, and entertaining blog posts in bite size portions for engaged couples, wedding vendors, and aspiring photographers and videographers interested in a career in the wedding industry.

It’s now the second week of January and engagement season has officially begun. If you are a newly engaged couple reading this – congratulations! This is an exciting time where you will be faced with countless choices about what you want for your wedding. If the prospect of marriage wasn’t already intimidating and exciting enough! Don’t worry though, there is tons of information and people that want to and can help make this process fun instead of overwhelming.

What is a Wedding?

Let’s take a moment and consider what is a wedding? Most importantly it is a time honored oath between two individuals promising partnership, love, and companionship for the remainder of their lives together. But it’s also a celebration of this union. It’s been said that a funeral is not for the one that has passed away but for the living. I find the opposite to be true for Weddings. Certainly it is a time for two families to come together and recognize this life changing event, but it is also a time for the couple to strengthen their bond and prepare for the new chapter of their lives together that is beginning.

Every culture has it’s own set of traditions that go along with the act of marriage but I think that’s what is so beautiful about it — There is no wrong way to do it. Every couple is unique and different and so is every wedding. Whether you simply pay a visit to the courthouse or plan a large and extravagant event, it will be something that you will remember for the entirety of your life. This is where photography and videography come in.

Wedding photos have been a time-honored tradition since the advent of photography itself. In the last ten years digital camera technology has changed drastically and with that videography and wedding films have gained in popularity significantly. Being able to go back in time to a moment captured on video can be surreal and almost dream like. It makes sense that so many couples want to be able to reflect on their wedding with videos that are cinematic and in glorious 4k quality. I have had a number of couples who have surprised me by saying the wedding film is more important to them than the pictures.

Another reason the demand for wedding films has grown so much is social media. Now that we can share our thoughts, memes, photos, and videos with family and friends through a number of different social media platforms, of course we want to have a video or videos of our wedding to share as well. Yes, everyone has a camera on their smart phone which can capture surprisingly good images, but the difference of a great wedding film and professional photos is huge. A good wedding videographer will capture every important moment and deliver it in a breathtaking and cinematic video that is closer to a Hollywood film than a home movie, and your guests can relax, put their phones away, and enjoy their time together and with you.

2020 was tough year for all of us and I don’t think anything will ever be the same. The new normal in many cases will mean smaller weddings and having aging family members who may not be able to travel or attend events with lots of people. It’s not the same as having them there with you, but we at Half Brothers Media have been working hard to offer an array of solutions to these new challenges including live streaming, same day edits, and real time coverage of not just the ceremony but all of the wedding activities so your loved ones can stay safe but still experience it with you and never miss a minute.

I hope this has been an interesting and helpful introduction to Half Brothers Media and wedding videography. My goal with this blog is to be a resource to newly engaged couples and aspiring wedding vendors by building a community so your questions, comments, and feedback are important to me! Thank you so much for sparing a moment of your time and I look forward to getting to know all of you!